Get the speed you need for all of your devices with Central TV & Internet’s dual fiber-optic/coaxial network.

Central Tv and Internet is the only provider with the same upload and download speeds. Giving you, the customer, all the control. Stream HD movies, play online games, and have multiple devices on the same internet connection without experiencing lag. Experience our premium internet services today with a wide range of speeds for you to choose what best suits your lifestyle and budget. At Central TV & Internet we keep it simple and have no long-term contracts to tie you down.


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Central Tv & Internet also offers dedicated internet lines and additional higher speeds.

***Please take note that data transfer speeds when downloading files (music, videos or software) solely depends on the uploading server which you are pulling files from. E.g. if you have 8mbps of bandwidth your maximum data transfer rate would be 1 MB/s however, if your uploading server only allows 512KB/s then it would take you double the time to download the file. Central Tv & Internet does not throttle upload or download speeds, data transfer rate solely depends on servers where files are being transferred from.

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