Through Office:

  1. Payment must be by cash or credit card.
  2. A receipt with a signature of the collector must be given.


  1. Payment on website by credit card.
  2. Please print online receipt for your records.

Through Bank:

  1. Payment on bank’s website into Central TV & Internet’s account (link to bank’s websites with our


Accounts in arrears of 1 month will be disconnected. If you would like to disconnect voluntary (vacation, leaving the country, school reasons, etc.), you need to visit the office to complete a voluntary disconnection form. If unable to make it to the office, an authorization letter can be sent into the office requesting disconnection. The letter must be signed by the account holder. Please include a phone number in order for the office to verify.


  1. If disconnected for non-payment, a security deposit along with all arrears and a reconnection fee of $25.00 must be paid in order to be reconnected.
  2. If disconnected voluntarily, a security deposit, along with all arrears and a reconnection fee of $10.00 must be paid in order to be reconnected.

Service Transfer

When moving, the customer needs to come into the office and request a transfer. The connection and billing to the previous address will then be transferred to the new address.

Illegal Connection

A penalty fee will be charged to anyone caught stealing or sharing cable/internet service. In order to reconnect, a security deposit, the penalty fee, a reconnection fee, and any previous balance must be paid in full. If the person is not an existing customer, they need to pay an installation fee, a security deposit, and the penalty fee.


First time customers must come into the office and fill out an application form. Proper identification (Social Security Card, Driver’s License, Passport) and a utility bill with your current address must be presented. An installation fee and a security deposit must be paid to be connected. Upon installation, a customer can receive up to three drops free of charge. An extension fee will be charged for every additional drop. If an individual living at the same address incurred a bill and was disconnected for non-payment, the bill must be cleared before cable services can be installed. Central TV & Internet has the right to deny services under any conditions.

Policies Regarding Our Employees

Technicians are not collectors and are not allowed to collect from customers. When working on the premises of a customer, the technician must present their employee ID and a work order. We ask customers to sign the work order to verify that the work has been completed. Work orders do not apply for disconnections as they do not occur within the premises of the customer’s address. If disconnected, please contact our office to verify your account standing.

For any questions regarding any of our policies, please contact our office.

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